7 Fashion Tips to look stylish every day!

Fashion Tips
Fashion Tips to look stylish every day

7 Fashion Tips to look stylish every day!

Dressing is all about you, and what makes you comfortable. Here are some style and organizational tips that you can use to always have something to wear…always!

1. It’s not about the size; it’s about the fit : If it doesn’t fit you now, it doesn’t need to stay. Always choose clothes that flatter your shape, no matter what your size is. All that matters is how you look and feel in the garment.

2. Be more stylish, less trendy: Trends are great and the multi-billion dollar fashion industry will benefit quite a bit from your purchases. Whether you dress classic or boho chic , pick one item on trend that you can incorporate into your outfit. For example, if patterns are in; a pretty floral patterned scarf or black and white striped jacket will keep you looking stylish and trendy all season.

3. Choose what you want to show off : If you prefer wearing a short hemline, then go for 3/4 or long sleeves on top. Or, perhaps a maxi skirt with a halter? This way, you show off only what you want others to see while looking complete.

4. Pick a ‘key’ piece : When you’re ready to dress up, think about one item that you really feel like wearing. For example: If you pull out a pretty blouse ,then let that be your ‘key’ piece. You can build the rest of your look around it. Think of the blouse as your picture and the rest of the outfit as a picture-frame.

5. Top is the way to go : Most commonly, the first thing that we see in a person is his/her face. An easy fail-proof way when in doubt is to go dressy on top and keep neutral in the bottom. The top half of your body will most likely receive the first interest, unless you intentionally wear striking pants or skirt.

6. Don’t buy shoes, invest in them: Shoes have the ability to change your entire appearance. So, why not make them your investment. Purchase good quality shoes with timeless style instead of buying multiple inexpensive pairs.

7. Two seasons, not four : When you have four different sections to your wardrobe , you are bound to have a lot and not know where to begin. So,make it two. Categorize your items into Winter and Summer. You will always layer up for winter and layer down in summer, so those layering pieces will work all year round!

The lesser but good quality items you own, the easier it will be every time you step into your closet. This way, dressing becomes easy and enjoyable.And, you’ll look stylish and confident every day of the year!

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