8 Healthy Spices and Herbs

Healthy Spices and Herbs
Healthy Spices and Herbs

We seem to always be battling between eating what is healthy and good for our body and what tastes great to us. Well the battle is over because below are 8 of the healthiest spices and herbs that won’t have you worrying about sodium and cholesterol levels while adding great flavor to your foods! These spices are not only common household spices but also range from promoting longevity to fighting pain.

Anise. This spice has more of a sweet licorice taste to it. Anise is known for calming an upset stomach and it also helps with coughs and runny noses. This spice has estrogen-like qualities to it in that it increases milk flow in breastfeeding mothers. It also aids in relief of menstrual symptoms and boosts libido. Anise is a great source of fiber, calcium, and iron.

Cilantro. High in vitamin K, cilantro is good for improving bone strength and help with blood clot.

Cinnamon. Some research indicates that cinnamon decreases blood sugar levels in people with Type II diabetes and reduces cholesterol levels. Cinnamon is also considered to be a great source of fiber (4 grams per tablespoon)!

Cumin. This spice may help diabetics keep blood sugar levels under control according to some research. Cumin has germs fighting properties that help to prevent stomach ulcers. It’s also a great source of calcium, iron and magnesium.

Fennel. Similar to anise, fennel has a licorice flavor to it. Fennel is helpful in quelling heartburn and helps with bloating, gas, and other digestion issues.

Ginger. Commonly known for its nausea relief during pregnancy, ginger is also used as nausea relief for chemotherapy and motion sickness. Some evidence shows that ginger is used as a mild form of painkiller for treating arthritis, joint pain, and muscle soreness.

Ginseng. Though there are various forms of ginseng, research indicates that ginseng in general can lower blood sugar levels in people with Type II diabetes. Research also shows that ginseng can slow down colorectal cancer cell growth, shorten how long a cold lingers in your system, and boost immunity.

Nutmeg. This common baking spice is a great solution for stomach problems and is a strong fighter of fungi and bacteria. Nutmeg is a solid source of fiber and it helps smooth blemishes when applied directly to the skin.

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