Decide to pay the price in advance

H.L. Hunt was a self-made billionaire and founder of Hunt Oil who went from being a dirt poor cotton farmer in Arkansas to the inspiration for the TV series “Dallas.”  In the later years of his life he was interviewed and asked what advice he would give to people who wanted to be successful.  He responded by stating that throughout his entire life, he had found that there were only TWO simple factors that determined success and that anyone could practice them and be successful, but that most people never do.  So what were his two key factors for success?
1) You must decide exactly what you want to do in life, want to have, or want to be.
2) You must determine the price you have to pay to get what you want, then resolve to pay that price in advance.

Most people have no idea what they want to accomplish in life, only vague ideas or daydreams.  Many people are always talking about what they’re “going to do” in the future, but they never make the decision to actually DO it, set goals, and take actionable steps towards those goals.  And the few people who do decide what they want often find that the price is more than they’re willing to pay.  Everything we want in life, no matter how big or small, comes with a price.  Success always comes AFTER you’ve paid the price, never before.  This isn’t just some crazy new age theory or something I pulled out my hat, it is one of the oldest success principles and dates back to Biblical times.  I’m sure most of you are familiar with the phrase “for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap.”  If you sow success by developing the right habits, the right attitudes, and the right work ethic, then you will reap the rewards.  The opposite is also true.

So what does this mean for athletes?  It means you have to decide what you want to do and then decide how you’re going to get there.  There are lots of guys running around claiming they would love to play in the NFL but who, even if they had the talent required to play at that level, would be terrified at the prospect of doing all the hard work necessary to get there.  What do you want to do?  The answer is different for everyone.  Maybe you want to bench press 300 pounds.  Maybe you want to make the varsity team or get a starting job next season.  Maybe you want to get a college scholarship to a Division 1 school and play on TV on Saturdays.  Whatever it is, you won’t get there with some flimsy halfway commitment or by saying “Yeah I’d like to do that some day.”  MAKE THE DECISION.

That’s only half the battle though.  You then have to decide to put in the long hours running, lifting weights, doing personal training, watching film, studying the game, and practicing the fundamentals.  You have to decide to do all the boring and difficult work that nobody will ever see.  You have to decide to follow the right diet and get enough sleep instead of going out with your friends.  You have to decide not to cheat your reps during your workouts even when your coach isn’t watching you.  You have to decide that no price is too high if you truly want to be successful.  When we’re coaching someone it doesn’t take us very long to figure out whether or not they’re really serious about being the best athlete possible.

Ray Lewis is one of the greatest linebackers to ever play the game of football.  The 2012 season marked his 17th year in the NFL playing one of the most physically demanding positions in the game.  Even as he has grown older and is now approaching 40 years of age he is still known for bringing his signature style of high intensity play to every game and is a leader on and off the field.  He is also known as one of the absolute hardest working players in the league.  Here’s a brief quote from a Baltimore Sun article about Lewis:

About a month after last season ended, Ravens defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano received a text from a friend that read: “I’m watching one of your players run in the sand for an hour.”
Later that morning, another text flashed on Pagano’s phone: “Now, I’m watching your player swim 30 minutes in the ocean.”

Care to guess who that player was?  It’s clear that Ray Lewis made the decision many many years ago that he would pay the price to be successful, and he has continued to pay that price year after year.  Remember, IT TAKES NO TALENT WHATSOEVER TO BE IN SHAPE, yet many athletes are too lazy to pay the price and do some simple conditioning work that would pay dividends for them when its time for spring training or summer workouts.  We’ve seen guys who decided to walk on at a major D1 football program, but who didn’t decide to do any preparation and were soon faced with a brutal reality check.  This is starting to get a little longer than I had planned, so I’ll leave you with another quote from Ray Lewis:

“My world is a violent world…that’s why I train so hard. I don’t know if I have ever found a man on this Earth that would flat-out outwork me.”

The decision is yours.  If you’ve decided you’re willing to pay the price to be a great athlete and want to get in the best shape of your life and be stronger and faster than your competition, give us a call or use the link at the top of the page to sign up for your free trial workout.  We can’t decide to pay the price for you, but we can guarantee you’ll work harder than ever before if you train with us.

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